Furtopia IRC Web Chat!

     Welcome to Furtopia IRC-Web Chat. This Furtopia chat service was designed to allow friends an easy way to chat by a standard web browser. This tool is freely open to use as long as you follow proper rules and etiquette pertaining to the IRC servers.

     Program usage: "Furtopia IRC-Web Chat"! uses the Kiwi webclient.  Thus it should run on "any" modern web browser.  To start, enter a Nickname you wish to use in the chat room and click the 'Start' button.

     Once running you will start out in the #furtopia room.  This IRC client is full featured and you are able to change or browse multiple chat rooms at your desire.

     If you run into any problems or notice anything that needs our attention please contact a Furtopia mod/staff on the Furtopia forums.

If you use irc.furtopia.org use Port: 6007
Note 2: If the web client at irc.furtopia.org is down please contact Weisseman on the forums.

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